«Salkyn Plus»


History of the Company

          «Salkyn plus» group was founded by brothers, Orazdurdy and Silapberdi Mantyyyev in 2000. Today the Company unites three dynamically growing brands: «Salkyn» - production of high quality ice-cream, «Elin» - production of milk and dairy products and «Kuwwatly Halal» - production of halal meat and sausage products.

          In 2000 a new business direction was started - production of ice cream under «SALKYN» trademark. This production line is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment of «Tetra-Pak» brand. Today, the company’s «SALKYN» brand ice cream products occupy a leading position on the market for the quality and volume of sales.

         In 2008, a new plant for production of dairy products under «ELIN» brand name was put into operation on the territory of SALKYN Company. This manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from leading Italian and German manufacturers, such as: Ave Industries, Bertolli, Seital, MP Inox, Inox Spa, Alfa-Laval, FIC, Gernep GmBh and many others. Currently, «ELIN» brand dairy products are very popular on the Turkmen market. The share of «ELIN» products on the domestic market is estimated to be 65-70% of the total volume of dairy products sold in the country.

       «Kuwwatly Halal» was created in 2015. Our main objective is production of fine quality sausages using modern technologies. Careful selection of ingredients and respect to our customers - our key to success. «Kuwwatly» is the first company in Turkmenistan, which was awarded Halal Certificate (№5431 Halalworld Organization, IRAN). Today our assortment including wide range of premium quality boiled, smoked and semi-smoked sausages.


About the Company

          At present, our main business operation is a direct distributorship and logistics of food retail through our own sales network. The transition from the wholesale to the official representation allows foreign manufacturers to engage in high-quality and timely distribution of their products in the country. In turn, partnership ties and exclusive distributorship rights for products, offered by these companies, allow us to reduce the risk of price fluctuations of the market, and the manufacturer gets an opportunity to represent the interests of their labels and brands in Turkmenistan.


400 staff
230 vehicles
10 000 sales outlets
4 150 000 customers

Geographic Representation of Our Company's Business Activity

          «Salkyn Plus» Company operates in all regions of Turkmenistan. Quality coverage of retail across the country is the main principle of our work in fulfillment of plans and reaching sales goals.

The total market share of consumers 67 %
- More than 500 000 people
- More than 30 000 people
- More than 1 000 people

Our team

Merdan Ovezgylyjov


manager «Elin»

Nazar Durdyyev


manager «Kuwwatly»

Guychmyrat Amannazarov


financial manager «Salkyn plus»

Aganiyaz Charyyev


 lawyer «Salkyn plus»

Artem Yermakov


foreign-economic activity expert «Salkyn plus»

Agajan Alladurdyyev


manager «Salkyn»